Presently, Tracy is offering a mobile equine therapy program to a variety of populations including seniors, at risk youth and individuals who are unable to venture out into the community.  

Tracy travels with Ozzie to various locations in San Luis Obispo County where clients participate in equine activities tailored to their physical and psychological capabilities. 

Lesson plans include the following:  Grooming, horse anatomy, horse painting and horse leading with proper safety measures.  

Additionally, Tracy is authorized to use the Bellevue Santa Fe Charter School grounds for client sessions with Ozzie. 



1.  Ozzie’s story and his experience serving on the US Border Patrol.

  • Ozzie’s training

  • Ozzie’s specific job duties on the US Border

  • A typical day in the life of a Border Patrol Agent and his Equine Partner

2.  Grooming Exercise

  • Learning the various different types of brushes
  • Instruction on actual grooming techniques
  • Assisting in an actual grooming session     

3.  Horse Anatomy

  • Review of written documentation identifying equine anatomy

  • Overview of health maintenance

  • Discussion regarding equine care

  • Overview of nutritional guidelines 

4.  Horse Painting

  • Activity involving brushes and or finger painting on actual horse

  • Identification of body parts

  • Freedom of expression

.  Leading  horse with proper safety measures

  • With the assistance of the Equine Therapist and volunteer, clients are encouraged to lead the horse in a pattern — such as a small circle or triangle

  • Each leading exercise will be carefully evaluated with respect to client or resident physical and or psychological capabilities

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