Photos of Tracy Owen

How it all began...

In 2011, Tracy began volunteering with Partners in Equestrian Therapy in San Luis Obispo. She worked as a lead walker, side walker, and assisted instructors.

Concurrently, Tracy’s mother began to experience health difficulties, which culminated in a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Tracy moved her mother to San Luis Obispo and commenced a journey which ultimately resulted in her mother residing at Sydney Creek, a memory care center. Tracy loved visiting with her mother and other residents and greatly enjoyed participating in activities that were offered at Sydney Creek.

In November of 2014, Tracy’s mother had a brain hemorrhage and passed away peacefully with Tracy and her son-in-law by her side. The following day, the director of Sydney Creek asked Tracy if she would consider creating a mobile equine therapy program for the residents of Sydney Creek. This was a heart awakening moment for Tracy as this had been her desire for many years.

Later that day as Tracy pondered how she could locate an amazing horse  that would be able to be transported to various locations and quiet and safe enough to stand  with aged populations, she received a phone call from a dear friend who manages a horse sanctuary in California. 

Tracy explained what had occurred and her friend commented: ”I think I have a horse here at the sanctuary that you should meet, he could be ideal for your program.”

In December Tracy travelled to the horse sanctuary and met Ozzie, a retired Border Patrol Horse who had developed a foot disease which prevented him from continuing with the Border Patrol.  Tracy had an instant connection with Ozzie and subsequently adopted him. 

Shortly thereafter she attended a workshop through PATH international and in February 2015, obtained her Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning Certification through Path Intl.  She has a current CPR /First Aid Certification. 

Presently, Tracy is offering a mobile equine therapy program to a variety of populations including seniors, at risk youth and individuals who are unable to venture out into the community. 

Tracy travels with Ozzie to various locations in San Luis Obispo County where clients participate in equine activities tailored to their physical and psychological capabilities.